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76-032 Mielno
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Mielno and its surroundings are ranged among the most attractiveareas on the Polish Baltic Coast as to its tourist values and its natural environment. It is situated directly at the sea shore and at the Jamno lake. It has good communication links, wide forest areas, attractive tourist tracks and a specific microclimate. In Mielno everyone can find ideal conditions for rest and recreation. In summertime, apart from the Koszalin bus service, also train connection from Koszalin exists. Many recreation centres are here in operation, some of them of very high standard. Lodgings are provided by many pensions, private homes, camping and caravan grounds. The network of catering business has been extended greatly during the latest years, many small restaurants, snack-bars, cafés, fried-fish bars have been opened. Many possibilities of entertainment and recreation are also available to holidaymakers. Amusement grounds are opened in summertime for children and on the Jamno lake a small ship makes excursions .It is also noteworthy that in Mielno-Unie¶cie sanatorium objects are operative all year round to treat diseases of the nervous, kinetic and circulatory systems as well as chronic infections of upper airways, thyroid gland and others.

Unie¶cie - formerly a fishers' settlement, some 15 km distant from Koszalin, is now a typical holiday resort. It is a separate administration unit but constitutes together with Mielno a complex of two merged localities. It is situated directly at the Baltic shore and the lake Jamno. It has good communication connections, vast forest territories, attractive tourist tracks and a specific microclimate. Clean air and the cleanest strip of Baltic coast is the result of the lack of large industrial plants and harbours.  The Koszalin bus services reach Unie¶cie in the summer season. There are many recreation centres here, some of very high standard. Lodging is also provided by numerous pensions, private homes, camping and caravaning lots. The catering services have been extended during the recent years, new restaurants, snack-bars, small cafés, fish-grills and other services have been opened. Also various forms of entertainment and recreation are at the disposal of holidaymakers. It is also noteworthy that in Mielono-Unie¶cie all year round in operation are objects which, apart from recreation, also offer rehabilitation services and slimming holidays.

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